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Traore examines Napoli further

Traore examines Napoli further. Hamed Traore, Ivory Coast midfielder Arrived in Rome on Tuesday. To undergo an additional physical examination with Napoli before signing the contract. Napoli want to undergo a thorough medical examination of Traore as he recently recovered from malaria. The 23-year-old midfielder previously had his

Nuno ‘concerned’ over Forest’s financial charges

Nottingham Forest boss Nuno Espirito Santo is “concerned” after the club were charge with breaching the Premier League’s financial regulations yesterday. Forest have been referre to an independent commission alongside Everton. After their 2022-23 accounts allegedly fell short of thresholds detailed in the league’s profitability

What are the benefits of running ?

Running is a useful exercise. Helps promote blood circulation in the body. Helps increase the activity of enzymes and hormones that help stimulate the muscles and heart to work more efficiently. The heart will be able to pump blood well and help the muscles use oxygen more efficiently.

Benefits of doing yoga.

Yoga is a physical and mental practice that combines postures that use the body’s strength and controlled breathing with meditation and relaxation. There are many benefits to the health of trainees as follows. Increase body strength  Doing yoga will help train and develop the muscles in

Benefits of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic Exercise is exercise to increase breathing and heart rate in pumping oxygenated blood to various parts of the body. Aerobic exercise helps strengthen the heart muscles. Helps the lungs work better. Helps stimulate circulation and pump blood throughout the body. Aerobic exercise is exercise that uses

Bayern Munich come up with a loan plan for Chuamani.

Bayern Munich plan to send a proposal to Real Madrid for a loan move for Aurelien Jouameni. According to sport reports in Germany. Sport1 have revealed that Thomas Tuchel is still looking for a new midfielder to help him in the 2023/24 season. Having previously