Cobby Mainu as the center.

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Former famous midfielder Cesc Fabregas has suggested that. Manchester United should build a team with future midfielder Cobby Mainu as the centerpiece of the team.

    The 18-year-old has stood out after breaking into the first team this season. Until receiving great praise and moving on to the senior England national team. Fabregas praised Mainu and said that the “Red Devils” should build a team around him. This player UFABET 

    “He’s not a future player because he’s a current player,” Chase told the BBC’s Planet Premier League. “He’s someone the club has to protect. But at the same time they have to give him playing time because he can really make a difference.”

    “He has a great personality on the field. It felt as if he had been playing for a long time. To help him, the team needs to bring in a player in the summer and make him even better than he already is. A talented player like him The more quality players around you, the more you can benefit from them.”

    “I expect there will be a big transfer window for Manchester United but for sure next season Cobby Mainu will be an important player no matter what.”