‘Pep’ knows from now that every game is the Sailboat’s final.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has said all of their games are “considerable matches” with a chance to win trophies after City’s 4-1 win over Southampton to qualify for the FA Cup semi-finals. We had

a good start in the first 20-25 minutes, but in the last 15 minutes before half-time we forgot to play Knowing it will be a difficult task as Southampton are one of the best teams. It was very organized that we had to face all season,” said Pep. Following an era where the moment of transition between defence and attack had been pinpointed as the single most decisive action in a match,

“They put pressure on you with amazing aggressive play. But the door that we lost It happened because we forgot to play.” the ufabet report

“The second half was better. both in personality and play They only had one chance for Adams at 2-1, but with the quality of our players up front. It made a difference in this game.”

“This is not an easy victory. But now we are entering the national team break with the last two months of the season. We are still playing in three competitions, the FA Cup semi-final, the Champions League quarter-finals. And leading the league, we know that every game is a final. We know it is very important not to lose today.”