Laos lottery online

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Lao lottery is now open to play. Laos lottery is different from Thai lottery in that Thai people will get lottery or numbers from their dreams. from various events or the supernatural, the Laos lottery online It is the use of animals in each prize draw. Until causing people to call the underground Lao lottery, another one that is animal lottery .

How to see the lottery or prizes

How to view Laos lottery results Prizes will be issued every week.  Will be released every Monday. And Thursday at 8:30 PM. The results are similar to the Thai government lottery, Divided into 3 numbers and 2 numbers of lottery tickets for sale , Laos lottery , digital using a machine. Automatic sales and SMS lottery will use the last 3 and 2 digits. ทางเข้า UFABET

Example of online Lao lottery payout rate

  • The last number 1 will buy 1,000 kip and receive 5,000 kip in cash or equal to 17.44 Thai baht.
  • 2 Buy 1,000 kip and receive 60,000 kip or equal to 209.23 Thai baht.
  • 3 Buy 1,000 kip and receive 500,000 kip in cash, equal to 1743.55 Thai baht.
  • 4 Buy 1,000 kip and get cash 6,000,000 kip or equal to 20922.60 Thai baht.
  • 5 Buy 1,000 kip and receive 40,000,000 kip in cash or equal to 139484.01 Thai baht.