How to play Thai lottery with direct website, play in 5 minutes

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How to play Thai lottery There must be a gambler not a small amount who would like to know about how to check lottery tickets or how to buy lottery tickets, which today our website will take you Let’s get to know more about Thai lottery. that you can understand Allows you to play in 5 minutes, ready to play for real with the direct website immediately. สมัคร UFABET

Lottery is a type of gambling. To use reference from issuing the number of Government lottery by guessing from the results of the last 2 or 3 numbers that are issued only 

At present, the underground lottery Popular with gamblers. Because it can be bought easily than in the past. Because you can come in and bet on various numbers. Just access the online lottery via mobile phone only. Both easy and convenient. Important to get money very quickly as well.

Today, our website will come to appease. new gambler Heavy or novice gambler who may not be familiar with playing the lottery on our website will take you to get acquainted with the method to play more and more and of course Before you get an understanding of how to play, we’ll get to know you. Let’s get more government lottery.

by the government lottery As you all know very well that There will be a draw on every 1st and 16th of every month or may be in some cases. to have a postponement to have faster results or may be slower and will have a selling price of 80-100 baht ever 

The rate of payment will be as follows: 

– First prize, the payout rate will be 6,000,000 baht.

– 2nd prize, the payout rate will be 200,000 baht

– 3rd prize, the payout rate will be 80,000 baht

– 4th prize, the payout rate will be at 40,000 baht

– 5th prize, the payout rate will be 20,000 baht

– Side prizes, the 1st prize will have a payout rate of 100,000 baht.

– 3 page number prizes will have a payout rate of 4,000 baht. 

– The prize for the last 2 numbers, the payout rate will be 2,000 baht. 

All of these are prizes that the gambler has. will be obtained from playing the government lottery, which when you reach the prize can bring the lottery to raise money immediately  , but to buy it to win which consists of all 6 numbers that must be said It’s not easy at all. Because you have to guess all 6 numbers correctly in order to get the prize. Therefore, the underground lottery was invented. that is easier to play can also Bet in control by yourself as well