How to play gamecock betting online

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Start betting on gamecock with a minimum amount of 50 baht, a maximum of 50000 baht with the way

The steps for playing are as follows. ทางเข้า UFABET.

  1. Enter your username and password. to sign in online casino
  2. Press on the game hall to play gamecock.
  3. Press the gamecock image to enter the play page.
  4. A stadium window will pop up to choose to play. Play selection will be available.
  • Meron (red)
  • BDD (always)
  • Wala (blue)

5. Then select the desired side to play. Then enter the amount of credit you want to bet and press Place bet.

6. Wait for the start time will close the bet and wait for results immediately

Steps for topping up gamecock online

  1. Choose the desired amount Then press on the word ADD, you can deposit in to bet on gamecocks up to 50,000 Thai baht, can fill up as much as you want and the website has specified (Withdraw anytime you want to withdraw)
  2. When you enter the gamecock online window , the game format will be the format of live gamecock live betting and can also be used in a variety of menus as follows.
  • Choose to change the screen mode to 1 screen or 2 screens (b.) Change the language (c.) The betting or betting is as follows.
  • And in the part of placing bets on online gamecocks , you can choose to enter different rooms as shown in the picture. The green room is the room where bets are ready. And the red room is the room where bets are closed or running. and gray means the room where bets are finished. and is preparing to compete in the next pair
  • when selecting to enter and choose a competitor The next step will be to bet and choose to bet at all. As for the forms of various bets, see and place money right away.