Conte is happy to send “Kulu, Bentancur” debuted in a good football

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte has been delighted to have introduced two new players. Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur in his first appearance after joining. The

FA Cup fourth round team on Saturday night. “Golden Spikes Chicken” opened the home win against Brighton 3-1 by Harry Kane showing form to help. The team through to the finals.

Here, two of the new players they picked up from Juventus in the last transfer deadline, Kulusevski and Bentankur, got the chance to play as underdogs. The ufabet report

Speaking on the matter, Conte said: “To breathe in the atmosphere (English football) is very important for the two new players, for us, for Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur

. It’s important to come in and understand the intensity of the league here, I repeat, they are two good players. He is a talented and talented rising star. They can help our team.”

“Rodrigo, although he is only 24 years old, he has a lot of experience, because he has played 120 games for Juventus, Kulusevski is the same. I think they can help us.

“I’m delighted to give both of them the opportunity to breathe in the atmosphere at our home, our fans, the cheers tonight so it’s hard to communicate with the players,” he said.

This Wednesday night, Tottenham have an open queue at home to Southampton in the Premier League.