Carragher was in love with “Swan” and promptly signed “Diaz”

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Jamie Carragher has praised the work done in the transfer market of former club Liverpool. That work is decisively fast for grabbing Luis Diaz to join the team

, “Reds” grabbed the Colombian national team wing from Porto at the end of the January market. With an initial fee of around 45 million euros

, Diaz previously had news and pretended to be moving to the Tottenham Hotspur team, but eventually, Liverpool rushed to steer him to join Anfield. Successful. ufabet Report.

He said: “It was not a good deal. Porto don’t find themselves in a comfortable financial situation, but the truth is that Liverpool got Diaz for a bargain price.”

Diaz has signed a long-term contract that runs until 2027 and has now joined up with his new team0mates after playing for Colombia in his country’s World Cup qualifying matches.

Carragher said of this deal. “Excellent and in line with the Liverpool version,” he said.

“It’s really not news Liverpool will sign anyone (in the winter market) so that’s what impressed me so much with Liverpool as a club. and with the way they handle trades”

” It’s fast, they’re resolute. They have done that and it has been very successful in the last five or six years in terms of trading.”

“I know that sometimes the fans get frustrated because we don’t buy a lot of players. But the way we managed it I think is very impressive

. wrong And I’m sure this (Diaz) will be right too,” he said.