Bayern Munich come up with a loan plan for Chuamani.

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Bayern Munich plan to send a proposal to Real Madrid for a loan move for Aurelien Jouameni. According to sport reports in Germany.

Sport1 have revealed that Thomas Tuchel is still looking for a new midfielder to help him in the 2023/24 season. Having previously linked with Declan Rice. But the Bayern staff were unwilling to pay that price. West Ham want and became Arsenal, grabbed him UFABET

The German newspaper further reports that. Tuchel is eyeing Real Madrid’s Jouameni as estimates from the Bayern side believe the 23-year-old will have fewer appearances than last season.

However, negotiating a permanent purchase may not be easy given the attitude. That the White King has placed on Thuameni as a long-term future. The exit may be discuss with a loan contract.

However, the said case is only a concept because the Tigers have not yet submit a formal offer to Los Blancos to consider.

There is a chance that Bayern Munich may wait and see the next situation and approach Chuameni at the end of August. If the player does not have the opportunity to play on the field or has play as little as the Tiger team predicted.

The most important is chuameni. Please choose to move to Real Madrid following the call of his heart. And it could be expected that he came with more than a hundred intentions. Not only interested in the huge income in any way.