Barca are worried about fans reaction to “Dembele”

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Barcelona are deeply concerned about the reaction of fans at the Camp Nou to Ousmane Dembele against Atletico Madrid on Sunday night . Can negotiate an extension of the contract with Barca. And the club has tried to release him from the club in the past but failed.

The Barça board wants the team to keep him until the end of the season. But after talks with manager Xavi Hernandez, they allowed the players to go on the pitch.

Barca have an intense home clash with Atletico Madrid and it has been confirmed that Dembele will be part of the game,

Ousmane Dembele has become a hot potato for Barcelona, and above all, for their coach Xavi Hernandez, who has to decide what happens with the French winger. Xavi is partial to the forward, believing he can bring a lot to the team between now and the end of the season even though Barcelona insinuated he would not be featuring again. 

however , Ufabet Sport reports that “Aliens” are concerned. Fans’ reactions at the camp ground Nou might have drawn on Dembele in a way that might not be as creative.

Which is possible because even during the time he traveled to practice with the team on Saturday, there were still fans waiting in front of the stadium to scold and boo them as dipping sauces, and

Barca held fifth in the table and If they win Atletico, they will immediately pass up to 4th place instead.