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Honey Kiss, Sugar Kiss, and Golden Kiss Melons

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but around here summer is in full swing.  From 90 degree temps, weekly mowing of the yard, weddings galore, weekend trips, and hopefully a trip to the pool here and there!  One of the best parts of summer is the abundance of fresh produce available.  One of my personal favorites for the summer are melons: watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.  Sometimes I think I could eat my weight in watermelon.  Anyone else with me?

Well, if you live in St. Louis, I wanted to let you about an awesome opporutnity to try some new varieties of melons at Schnucks stores this weekend.  This Sautrday, June 18th,  you can try 3 new varieties of melons from Frieda’s Produce at your local Schnucks: Honey Kiss®, Sugar Kiss® and Golden Kiss®.


Schnucks stores will be handing out free samples of each type of melon.  Here’s a quick description of what you can try:

Honey Kiss® Melon

The Honey Kiss Melon is crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet. It has an oblong yellow-skin with light netted rind. The internal flesh of the Honey Kiss Melon is a light salmon pink.

Golden Kiss® Melon

The Golden Kiss Melon is a gourmet heirloom cantaloupe variety with green striped rind and firm bright orange flesh. It has a distinct sweet cantaloupe flavor.

Sugar Kiss® Melon

The Sugar Kiss Melon will melt-in-your-mouth with its sweet, soft melon and pale orange flesh with a pale netted rind.

For more information on the tasting event at Schnucks, visit

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and be sure to stop by Schnucks this weekend to try out the Sugar Kiss, Honey Kiss and Golden Kiss melons from Frieda’s Produce.  I’ll be back in a few weeks with my regular daily recipes and updates.

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