Hi and thanks for stopping by Food Snob St. Louis!  This blog is dedicated to wholesome, healthy food made right in my tiny kitchen.  My husband, the Food Snob, has Crohn’s disease, which requires him to eat different than most people.  Around our house, we mostly follow the Maker’s Diet (which you can read about here), eat organically and locally whenever possible, and eat mostly sugar-free (unless it comes from natural sources like honey or fruit).  Needless to say, when we got married 3 years ago, this was hardly how I ate.  Gone were the days of frozen pizza and pasta for dinner, and I had to learn how to really cook, read labels and take risks in the kitchen for the first time in my entire life.

My biggest goal in our home, and with this blog, is to provide wholesome, healthy meals that anyone can enjoy.  When I tell people the diet we follow, the question I most often get is “what do you eat?”  People are at times shocked to find out that we foods just like them, I’ve just figured out how to “tweak” them so that they won’t make the Food Snob sick.

Now that we have a baby (check out my Snobby Mommy posts for more baby info and posts) and I’m breastfeeding, I find that what I eat is even more important than ever.  I want to lay the foundation for a healthy child and hopefully avoid any allergies or digestives issues like her daddy has.  That being said, we’re human.  We like convenience and hate doing the dishes and live on budget.

We try to follow the rules most of the time, but we still enjoy going out to eat, going to different events around St. Louis, having friends over, and sometimes a girl just needs some ice cream and hot fudge sauce ;) .  The one rule we always follow is that around here,  it’s okay to be snobby about what you eat.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  If you have any questions or comments about the blog, Crohn’s, our diet or anything, please ask away!  You can also contact me via email Laura at FoodSnobSTL dot com.

I welcome PR for reviews and giveaways, but please be aware it is up to my discretion as to if it fits in with what the content of blog is all about. I also am available for freelancing and recipe testing. For a snapshot of some of my work, check out the featured page. For a full resume, please contact me a laura (at) foodsnobstl (dot) com.