Snobby Mommy: Baby #2 Must Haves

I often question my sanity.  Case in point: hosting and cooking Thanksgiving dinner just a little over 2 weeks after having a baby.  No one got food poisoning, my biggest fear of cooking a turkey, and nothing burned, was dropped or spilled – I consider that a success!  As I’m now flying solo during the day with a toddler and newborn, there are a few things I have to question why I thought I did need them with Baby Snob.  I have to say adjusting to two little ones is a harder transition than I anticipated.  Thank goodness for amazing infant inventions such as these – they make life so much easier!

- Boppy Newborn Lounger


I have seen these around the internet from other mommy bloggers, and I thought they looked worthwhile but not necessary.  I ended up receiving one as a gift, and oh.my.word.  I LOVE it.  It is the perfect “safe” place to put the baby out of reach of her curious older sister.  Big bonus is that the baby loves it.  Now, technically you’re not supposed to let them sleep in it, but it does make a great place for her to nap as well.

- Nursing Sleep Bra

Last time around I just slept in sports bras.  I didn’t see the need to spend “a bunch of money” on nursing bras, especially ones only for sleeping.  I bought one though, really as an impulse buy, and can’t believe I was sleeping in a sports bra before!  If you think about it, sports bras are supposed to compress, not exactly the best idea when nursing – dumb.  I got this one, and it is so incredibly comfortable and less than $20!

- Ring Sling


(1.5 weeks postpartum, and it is clearly showing in my under-eye baggage and dirty bathroom mirror)

I have an Ergo, and I love it.  However, I’ve had my eye on a sling for a bit.  I ended up getting a ring sling from a local store in St. Louis called Kangaroo Kids.  It is the only place that I can get the baby to sleep for 3 hours straight.  The other big bonus is that I have TWO free hands and can do pretty much anything I need to around the house while wearing her.

- Mom:

Well, you can’t really buy this or copy it, but seriously, what would I have done last week without my mom?  There are times in your life when as an adult, you still need your mom.  The weeks after having a baby is one of those times.  She cooked, cleaned, rocked and cuddled, read Goodnight Gorilla more times than I care to recount (seriously at least 100) and even went a night without sleep when we had a little emergency (everyone is fine).  I was sad to see her go, but knew it was time for us to sink or swim.  So far, I think we are swimming :)

Despite only being 2.5 weeks into this journey, I’m feeling pretty good and dare I say somewhat “normal.”  I’m hoping to get back in the kitchen this week and bring some great holiday recipes to you!

  1. Amanda Newitt says:

    It was worth every minute of it! There is nothing more precious than holding your new grandchild. I would love to read Goodnight Gorilla 100 hundred more times any day. Being a mother is a very special gift, but being a grandmother is even better! Love you all!

  2. I totally agree with the boppy lounger! Henry lived in that for the first month. Also, you are doing amazing I am so impressed! :)

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