Snobby Mommy: Preparing for Baby #2

I haven’t written much about this pregnancy here.  In some ways it has flown by, and in other ways it has crept s.l.o.w.l.y. along.  Here we are though, less than a month out, and we’re doing are best to prepare for adding another family member in the least chaotic way possible.

This has been a hefty challenge, considering we have had 2 gutted bathrooms (like no walls, no floors) and wanted to do some bedroom rearranging before baby #2′s arrival.  Just for the record, I don’t recommend having another baby, living in your home while you remodel it and doing the bulk of the work yourself.  Oh, and we had 2 other major home issues/projects come up during this time.  It’s been a wild ride.

Moving on, aside from the massive to-do list for our pre-20th century home, here are some things we’ve been working on to prep and hibernate once Baby Snob #2 makes her appearance  . . .

1. Prep Baby Snob for life with a sibling: I don’t really think you can do this.  I mean what on earth can prepare an eldest child for something that is going to turn her world upside down?  It won’t be for lack of effort though.  We’ve talked a lot about the baby, how she is lucky to be a big sister, how she can help, etc.  She has helped me “fold” baby clothes and get out her old toys.  I think something has clicked because the other day in the middle of Target she started screaming at me to “GET BABY OUT NOW!”  Ha, if only it was that easy.

2. Make and freeze some meals: Last time around I had plenty to time to make and freeze meals for post-pregnancy chaos.  I haven’t really had the luxury of energy or time for this one, so the other night I went to Time For Dinner to make some meals.  If you are in St. Louis and expecting, I highly recommend trying them out.  Basically, you make a reservation and choose which entrees you’d like to make (they have a monthly menu).  Then you go to your appointment and prep the food yourself.  Everything is labeled and laid out for each recipe.  It could not be easier.  When you’re done it’s all labeled and freezer ready.  I chose 7 entrees, which were each split in 2, and ended up being 14 main dish dinners for us (no sides).  This took about 1.5 hours in prep and about $10 per dinner ($20 per entree).  Not cheaper than doing it yourself, but a huge time-saver and load off my mind that we will at least have some options in the freezer. *This is completely my opinion.  I was not compensated for any of these statements.*


3. Napping every chance I get.

4. Nesting: Pregnancy insomnia is in full force.  Luckily, when I find myself tossing and turning at 3 a.m., I just get up and work for about an hour on laundry, organizing and what not.  Then I crawl back in bed and am able to fall asleep.  Crazy?  Maybe.  However, I’ve been able to get some much needed stuff done. Also, see #3.

5. Make a nursing play box: I bought some new toys, including a baby doll, that I plan on pulling out only during times I am nursing and can’t give Baby Snob my full attention.

6. Keeping my nervous breakdowns to one per week: Usually this is due to the our to-do list growing, rather than shrinking.  I’m trying to take things day-by-day and remember at the end of the day we have the essentials and everything else will fall into place eventually.  Last week’s nervous break down, however, was thanks to some friends who didn’t quite make it to the hospital and had their baby in the car.  I’m still trying to shake that one off.

7. Having fun with Baby Snob: I know we’ll be stuck in the house for a bit, so I’m trying to do lots of fun things around St. Louis with Baby Snob before hibernation occurs.  This list includes lots of park visits, Grant’s Farm, the zoo, Magic House and some end of season visits to the farmer’s market.

8. Stocking up on food pouches: I see a lot of grilled cheese and PBJs in Baby Snob’s future, so I am also trying to stock up on the toddler food pouches that have veggies in them – hoping to keep up her balanced diet.


At this point I think that is about it!  Tell me though – what am I missing??  How did you prepare for a second or third child?

  1. no advice for you obviously bc I’m learning from YOU, but I’m definitely excited for you and I still think you’re a rockstar for surviving all of the house stuff during this pregnancy. I never could’ve done it!!! And OMG–the car birth?!?! Maybe someday I’ll be ready to hear that story ha.

    Please please please let me know if there’s anything you guys need! Totally 100% serious!

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