Snobby Mommy: How I Save On Organic Groceries

If you’ve ever tried to buy just organic food or purchased your weekly grocery list from a big organic or all-natural grocery store, then you know it can easily double what you spend on food in a week.  It’s actually very disheartening to me that it costs so much more to purchase food items that don’t contain additives, pesticides, food dyes, etc.  I want what is best for my family, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow me to go all-out.

Groceryshopping(This is an OLD picture, but it is of the glory days when Baby Snob loved grocery shopping. And when she couldn’t reach to pull things off the shelves.)

Over time, I’ve learned what is and isn’t important for me to purchase organic.  Some things, such as bananas, I rarely if ever purchase organic.  Other items, such as meat or poultry, I am not willing to compromise on.  I will say this, saving money in this fashion takes time.  Time to dig for and print coupons, time to go to multiple stores, etc.  So if the time doesn’t matter, then I find these ways to be extremely helpful to our weekly grocery budget:

Mambo Sprouts Coupons:

If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods, these are the coupons that are in their Whole Deal newsletter.  You can also print the coupons online through Mambo Sprouts.  The catch with these, and any coupon really, is to make sure you are already planning on purchasing the item.  Don’t let the coupon make you think that you need it!  I find that these coupons are really helpful when items are already on sale.

Organic Deals & Coupons:

I LOVE this blog.  They cover tons of online deals, coupons and sales on organic or all-natural items.  Some of the stores they cover aren’t in St. Louis, but I’ve gotten some awesome deals thanks to reading this blog.  For example, a few months ago I got Seventh Generation Body Wash for less than $2 a bottle through Amazon coupons (I didn’t even know they existed prior to this.)!


Yes, I buy groceries from Target sometimes.  I always thought it seemed weird, but it is now part of my rotation of about 5 different stores I go to depending on the week.  Target has an organic line of products that I’ve been very satisfied with.  To save at Target I print coupons from their website and combine them with Cartwheel.


Cartwheel is a huge list of products that you can save anywhere from 5% – 20% off of.  You clip the ones you want and then show the barcode on your phone (or you can print it off) when you are at the cash register to pay.  I think I’ve used it 3-4 times and have already saved almost $20.  The thing I love about Cartwheel is that they have a ton of their organic items on there.  For example, this week I got a dozen organic, cage-free eggs for $2.17 by combining Cartwheel and a coupon.

Buying a Cow:

I’ve mention it before, but we are big fans of purchasing meat in bulk from local farmers.  We’ve been very happy with the beef farm, Price Family Farms, just outside of St. Louis.  I’m not a big red meat eater, but this meat is outstanding.  I can tell a huge difference in it and store-bought beef (even if it is grassfed).  You can read all about how they raise and treat their cattle here – which is why I think it tastes so delicious.  As far as costs go, we get the 1/4 size cow, which is estimated to be about $5.80 per pound.  This price includes processing.  Remember that that is for ALL cuts of the meat – steaks, ground beef, roasts, etc.  It is an investment up front, but well worth it in the end.

cow(A trunk FULL of beef)

That is all I have in my bag of tricks for saving money on organic groceries.  Tell me, how do you like to save on your weekly grocery list?

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