Snobby Mommy: Why Baby Wearing Helped Our Move

Okay, so I intended to write this post about 3 months ago.  Life happens though, and I am just now getting a chance to sit down and write about my thoughts on moving with a 10 month old.

Back in November we moved into a different house (it was a rental) with the intention of rehabbing it while we live in it (yes we are crazy, or at least one of us is – and it isn’t me.).  At the time, Baby Snob was 10 months old.  As I am sure you can imagine, packing your home with a very busy, very mobile baby isn’t easy.  Additionally, kids know what is going on and can pick up on huge changes that are coming.

Similar to how our dog freaks out whenever he sees a suitcase, I have no doubt in my mind that Baby Snob was fully aware that all of our belongings were being boxed up and our lives about to significantly change (not that children and dogs are similar on all levels, but you get what I am saying).  I hadn’t been baby wearing as much since she had become more mobile, but the week we moved she spent a significant amount of time in the Ergo Baby Carrier.


Wearing the Ergo Performance Carrier (my personal favorite!)

Here is why:

- It kept her from getting into things.  This is self-explanatory.  Your house cannot be baby proof when you are moving.

- It allowed her to feel involved.  Her personality is to know what we are doing and “help” or be involved in some way.  By being right there with me, she could see what was going on, her way of being involved, without being in danger of being tripped over.  Also it kept her from unpacking what I had packed.  Unpacking = helping in baby world.

- It calmed her down.  She is not an anxious baby, but I did find her to be a little more clingy before and during our move.  Being in the Ergo Baby Carrier, helped keep her close and was calming for her.

I can’t say I recommend moving with a small child.  It certainly complicates things; however, I will say that baby wearing significantly eased the process for all of us.

Have you ever moved with a baby?  What are your suggestions, tips and tricks to make it easier?

*Did you know I blog for Ergo Baby?  You can check out their blog here.  Also, this post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.*

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  1. Golda says:

    I came to the realization earlier today that we are most likely loading up the moving van in exactly one month. So not looking forward to packing with a baby. I’ll have to try wearing him while doing it. I haven’t yet put him on my back by myself. I’m a little intimidated by it.

  2. PM Kester says:

    I love wearing what I call “the baby backpack.” When we moved with our baby, I alternating between wearing the baby and putting her in the swing in the heart of the action so she always saw us. And off course she had all her swing toys.

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