Snobby Mommy: Turning One – Cow’s Milk Update

Thursday we got blasted with our first real winter storm of 2013.  The excuse to “be stuck” at home all day and eat chocolate pie was fine by me.  I treasure time that I don’t have to be anywhere or have my brain focused elsewhere besides my family and our home.  When the Food Snob got home from work, we bundled Baby Snob up and took her side to “play.”


It took about 30 minutes to get her dressed.  We were outside for 10.  She smiled the whole time though, saying “wow” and “woahhhhh.” at the white abyss that covered our yard.


So what does this have to do with switching Baby Snob to cow’s milk?  Nothing at all really.  I just wanted an excuse to put some pictures of her up since it had been a while.   So when she turned one about a month ago,  I tried to introduce cow’s milk (she was also being weaned at the time).  She would drink it down fine, but then like an hour later we’d be playing, and all of a sudden she’d say “uh huh.”  I’d look over and puke all down her front.  And yes, it was legit puke.  The smell of puke is distinguishable.  So this happened 4 times before I realized that it wasn’t a stomach bug, but a reaction to the milk (mom of the year award right there.).

I sent a tweet of desperation and did some internet research and settled on a mix of almond and coconut milk drink (unsweetened on both).  I was fine with this.  I’m not sold on how necessary cow’s milk really is (calcium, vitamin D and protein are all available in other foods she eats + we go outside most days).  I should mention at this point that her pediatrician said to just keep trying the cow’s milk and if it still wasn’t working in a month to come back in.  I wasn’t willing to clean up that much puke.

So we’ve been going strong on our almond coconut concoction and started mixing in cow’s milk with no barfing about 3 weeks ago.  Until this week, she was still getting a mixture of the three.  Then I saw this post by Ashley.  I read the label of our milks (can’t believe I didn’t before) and was shocked at all the crap that is in almond and coconut milk.

So now, we are 100% cow’s milk.  I buy it from a grocery store here in St. Louis that carries milk from a local dairy that uses organic practices, and what do you know it is CHEAPER than the organic milk at the “regular” grocery store (yes, I do realize that it isn’t certified organic, but no hormones or antibiotics are used which are my main concerns).

All that to say, I was really frustrated at how difficult it is to buy food without additives, preservatives, etc.  And I think of myself as aware of these things.  I just assumed that because these products came from a “healthy” store (you know what I am talking about), it wouldn’t be a concern.  Wrong.

While this long story makes me mad just telling it again, there is some hope and excitement in the food world I get to participate in.  I’m working on a few projects for this spring and summer, and I cannot wait to tell you the details!  There are some local companies in St. Louis doing phenomenal things with food and their communities, and I am very excited to be a part of what they are doing.  So, stay tuned and read labels!

*I am not a doctor, and this has just been my experience with the milk debate.  It is what has worked best for our family.  Please consult your child’s pediatrician in regards to what milk to give your child and when.*

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