Easy Lunch: Baked Falafel Salad

These days, I’m all about quick, easy and healthy meals.  I don’t mind doing a little prep work before hand, but when it comes time to eat, I need it to be ready fast because I never know when I might be needed by the little jellybean.  Even though we are still adjusting to parenthood and lack of sleep, I find that I continue to love to and need to cook.  It makes me feel more human.  If I haven’t showered or changed out of my pijamas, at least I can say I made a meal rather than popping in a frozen pizza (which sometimes just needs to happen anyways). 

I love falafel (in fact, my current favorite sandwich is the Gracy from Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium here in St. Louis – they deliver too!).  I wanted to make a healthier version though (a.k.a. baked and not fried).  I found this recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner.  I made a batch and ate falafel salad throughout the week for lunch.

For dressing, I used Trader Joe’s tzatziki dip – making the falafel was all I had time for, someday I’ll make my own tzatziki dip too!  Other amazing and easy add-ins could include feta, sundried tomatoes, hummus, pita or pita chips, olives, couscous or quinoa.  Super simple, fast, healthy and delicious. 

What’s you’re go-to easy and healthy lunch?

  1. Mmm, Fozzie’s! I first tasted their sandwiches this past summer, right after I had Gabriel. I love their eggplant sandwich — the black bean burger and Club Veg are also quite good. I don’t think we’ve tried their falafel, since it’s something fairly easy for us to make at home.

    These days, my go-to lunch usually involves dinner leftovers. When we make dinner, we try to cook enough for at least one, if not two, lunches. Another easy option is cooking a big batch of some kind of grain (like rice) and some kind of legume (black beans, lentils, etc.). You can create various pilafs or grain-legume salads throughout the week by adding things like olive oil, salsa, various spices, frozen corn or peas, chopped fresh veggies, mustard, salad dressing, etc.

  2. No kids yet, but I am working full time while finishing my masters full time. I also find that prepping a meal calms and relaxes me. However there are also times where I am SO happy to have leftovers! Love the falafel recipe. I actually have some tzatziki in the fridge so this may pop up on my menu this week! Thanks.

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