I’m a sucker . . .

 . . . for a good sale.  Here is the evidence:

Pineapple: $2.97

1 dozen organic braeburn apples: $4.99

2 pounds organic strawberries: $4.99

5 pounds grapefruit: $3.99

18 bananas: $3.42

8 pounds oranges: $4.99

Yeah . . . I see “sale” and I can’t say no.  So besides eating a piece for fruit with every meal and snack, I decided to use some up making this fruit crisp.  I made a few slightly modifications: used a mixture of almonds, walnuts and pecans for the topping, substituted raw honey for sugar and reduced amount of sugar (honey) by 1/2.

My grand plan was to eat this for breakfast throughout the week.  However, upon discovering how good it is warmed up with some ricotta cheese or Greek yogurt on top . . . well, it was gone in 2.5 days.


Now accepting recommendations on how to use the other 50 pounds of fruit I bought this weekend.

  1. Looks great! I love Oh she glows recipes! Thanks for sharing!

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